Sunday, 18 April 2010


These are a few samples of chairs that i have created around the world Armour. The designs derived from the idea of having an exterior Armour that transforms into another shape. The metamorphosis in this project was interesting because I got to see how different plastics react to heat given a different timing and temperature for each sample. The movement that was created as the plastics melted was mesmerizing and the end results were unpredictable.

Through trial and error I discovered that its best to wrap string around the plastics while they are on the metal sculptures (that made the chair shape) so that the plastic doesn't rise up and lose form as it melts.  

Sculpting wire for base structure of chairs

The palstic sheets tightens around the hottest areas on the metal base

Plastic sheets tend to rise up when heated so its best to hold it down with string

 Form of synthetic mesh after its heated place it somewhere cool and the plastic will fall straight off. If some pieces are held down simply cut them off, melting it further will only cause it to shrink.

 The different colours of the straws create a wet look as the colours dissolves into one another.

 Most successful form because it was tied down tightly around the shape of the base structure and none of the thread got caught between the thread. The transparent chair!

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