Monday, 15 November 2010


3D sketches on furniture designs that have more than one step of transformation. This gives the user an option to chose what they would like to do with their surroundings by either leaving it an open space or by using it as a lounge area. This is possible because he desings are made to stay flat on the surface or can be pulled up i order to sit or lean on. 

These 3D sketches can also be used on a wall to segregate areas instead of on the floor to create seating.

Here are a few of the rough 3D sketches that show thought process and development,

Learn which shapes bend well together to create a full form that can be used for multiple seats. Ideal for public social areas. E.g. Gallery space that at times needs to be flat for space and at other times needs to have more seating areas so it can be transforms from a floor to multiple seats.

The morph chair with multiple  Velcro patches that enables the user to bend twist and attach it in anyway they feel most comfortable.
Carpets that can be pulled up from the ground and leaned against. Ideal for casual lounge areas such as TV rooms or family and friends lounge rooms.


Something a little bit different that doesn't transform but ca be used for a variety of surfaces and in a diverse range of contexts,

Simple and affective!